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Stewart Pinned Products - Group History- Established 1874

Pinned Products

Welcome to the official website of Stewart Pinned Products Ltd, which formerly traded as (the original) William R Stewart and Sons (Hacklemakers) Ltd, founded in 1874 to manufacture and repair hackles and staves for the Jute Hemp and Flax industry.


Present production emphasis is in pinned products whose base material is light aluminium alloy instead of the more traditional Beechwood or Brass. This not only reduces weight but also gives significant advantages in strength and product life.


After 139 years of experience in design innovation in many different industries, we are now standard supplier to over 35 machinery makers, and regularly export to over 50 countries.


Why not follow the links on the right hand side to find out more about our high quality products and how they can help your company compete in today's competitive market place.


If you have any questions or require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pinned Opening and Cleaning Roller

Pinned Spiral Chute Feed Roller

Pinned Taker-In Roller

Pinned Stationary Carding Flats

Pinned Fixed Carding Flats

Pinned Open End Combing Roller

Metalag Aluminium Stave

Beechwood Stave

Laminated Stave

Steel and Aluminium Face Stave

Picker Roller

Metering Roller

Metering Stave

Conveyor Assemblies

Hot Needle Perforation

Cold Needle Perforation

Spiked Roller

Spike Roller

Blowroom Roller

Licker-In Roller

Pinned Segment

Needle Segment

Spike Plate

Carding Drum Segment

Pinned Bar



Carding Pins

Textile Pins

Stewart Pinned Products Logo

UK Division

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Tel: +44 (0)1575 570 203

China Division

Juilong Industrail Park,

Juilong Town, Zhongmou,

Zhengzhou City,

Henan Province,

China, 451482


Tel: +86 371 6226 5807

A division of the original Wm R STEWART & SONS (HACKLEMAKERS) Ltd founded in 1874 in Scotland where we still develop and design the pinned products of tomorrow, today!

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