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Pinned Metering, Carding Drums and Segments - 150mm to over 1000mm

STEWARTS first developed the integral construction, aluminium-alloy Pinned Metering Drum for the Tobacco Industry 35 years ago, and has developed it continuously since then to keep its position as the well-tested industry leader.

Light Weight and Strong Carding Drum and Segments


The light but strong construction uses the integral strength of an extruded aluminium alloy section, supported by an elegant construction of a shaft with flanges. The STEWARTS development of "NIF" (non-interference fit) bonded pins guarantee unrivalled pin-point accuracy and drum TIR

150mm to over 1000mm Drums and Segments


We now supply an extensive range of Drums and segments for most machines, ranging in size from 150mm to over 1000mm wide, all using STEWARTS aluminium alloy extrusion designs.

Stewart Pinned Products Logo

UK Division

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Tel: +44 (0)1575 570 203

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A division of the original Wm R STEWART & SONS (HACKLEMAKERS) Ltd founded in 1874 in Scotland where we still develop and design the pinned products of tomorrow, today!

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