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Pinlocked™ Opening and Cleaning Rollers and Blowroom Rollers

Integral Construction, Advance Design


The STEWARTS family of Opening and Cleaning pinned Blowroom Rollers is an integrated range of products all designed to take full advantage of the qualities of aluminium alloy extrusion and long life carbon steel pins. The opening and cleaning blowroom rollers are designed and manufactured to a very high engineering standard and are dynamically balanced before being despatched.

Blowroom Roller Pins have a long life!


STEWARTS Pins are drawn from high grade carbon steel that is hardened, then tempered and finally, polished. The grain of the metal and the machining marks of the pin all run along the same axis, so that the fibres can float freely around the pin-point, and with no snags to catch fibres there is no wear to the pin.


The working lifetime of a STEWARTS pinned roller has been well appreciated by those who have been regularly replacing card-wire rollers. It is common to find STEWARTS Rollers still running reliably after many years.

Pins are “Fibre Friendly”


The smooth, rounded shape of a pin does much less damage to delicate fibres than conventional card-wire. The sharp point of a Pin also gives excellent fibre penetration. The result is exceptional fibre opening with minimum fibre damage, and consequently staple length is maintained.


Stewarts ‘Fibre Friendly’ Pinned blowroom rollers are now at the forefront of a new generation of blowroom systems.


  • Stewarts are the World’s leading manufacturer of Pinned Products.
  • Stewarts supply to all the World’s foremost machinery makers.

Resistance to Damage


Each pin is separately fixed so any accidental damage is restricted and there is no risk of the sort of damage caused by wire stripping.


STEWARTS have over 135 years of experience solving the World’s fibre processing problems.

Original Equipment and ideal for upgrades


STEWARTS Blowrrom Rollers are ideal for fitting as Original Equipment or as a simple and cost effective way to upgrade existing machinery.


We have designs for most current machines, whether tube-type, multi-lag or three-lag, and can also provide replacement lags and other components for conversions. This range of designs also offers control over air-flow, which is essential for good cleaning.

Upgrading Existing Machinery


STEWARTS rollers and lags are designed to be easily fitted to existing machinery, thus providing a very cost effective way to increase efficiency. A wide range of options for conversion can be offered, ranging from individual lags to complete roller assemblies.

Cleaning Cotton


Cotton bales are typically delivered with high fragmented particles of dirt trapped by and stuck to the fibres. As this foreign matter can only be removed from the fibre surfaces, repeated new surfaces must be exposed to continue the cleaning process. The STEWARTS family of pinned cleaning rollers clearly fulfils this role, and it is now generally believed that the first opener and cleaner of a blowroom line should be a pinned roller.

Subsequent Carding


Material processed over pinned blowroom rollers is thoroughly opened and therefore in an ideal state for subsequent carding.

Quick Change System


The Stewarts “quick change system” means that all of individual lags can be rapidly and easily replaced while the roller is still in the machine. This simplifies maintenance and reduces expensive downtime.

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