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Taker-In and Licker-In Rollers

STEWARTS developed the pinned Taker-In (Licker-In) back in 1972, and it has been extensively used since then and has proved to be fibre-friendly and extremely durable, making it an ideal match for high production cards where quality and output must be maximised, and downtime must be minimised.

Pins are Fibre Friendly


Cotton has been traditionally carded using card wire. However pins, with their smooth pointed sharp profile, do less damage to fine fibres. The sharp but smooth point of the pin gives excellent fibre penetration.


The grain of the metal pins and the machining marks of the pins all run along the same axis of the pin, so that the fibres can float freely around the point of the pin. With this design of using pins there are no traps to catch fibres on or to cause wearing of the pins.


The STEWARTS Pinned Taker-In (Licker-In) is "Fibre Friendly"

Long Life


The Pinned Taker-In (Licker-In) is extremely resistant to wear and damage, and has a life expectancy of over 5,000 tons in conventional carding machines. Many thousands have now been installed worldwide, and although the oldest are 20 years old, some are still in use.


Life on high production carding machines is just as extraordinary, and tests have shown that a lifetime of at least 2,500 tons can be expected with no maintenance at all.



A major advantage of the STEWARTS Pinned Taker-In (Licker-In) is that one specification of pinning can be used to successfully card almost all fibres, so there is no need to change when running different fibres or blends.

Reduced Maintenance: Less Downtime


Regular card down-time is saved because it is not necessary to rewire a Pinned Taker-In (Licker-In). This is particularly important for the Taker-In which is usually rewired three times more often than the cylinder it is feeding, thus causing three times the downtime required by the cylinder.


The pins wear better than wire because of their hardness and shape of their points which means they do not need to be sharpened or ground.

Resistance to Damage


Each pin is separately fixed, so any accidental damage is usually local, and there is no risk of further damage through the card due to wire stripping.

Light Weight


The extraordinarily light weight of a STEWARTS pinned Taker-In (Licker-In) is approximately 40kg, which simplifies fitting without lifting apparatus, and reduces any risk of personal injury compared to conventional Wire Taker-Ins (Licker-In) that weigh approximately 120kg.

Pinned Taker-In (Pins verses Wire) Test Results


Below are the results of tests carried out at various client locations and is a side by side comparison between pins and saw tooth wire.

Customer Jayalakshmi Textiles Private Ltd
Country India
Material 100% Cotton
Counts 60’s
Card Trumac DK780
RPM 1100
Roller CoveringNep(pcs/gram)Seed Coat Nep (pcs/gram)
Pinned 55 10
Saw Tooth Wire 84 13
Customer Beijing Cotton No1 Mill
Country China
Material 100% Cotton
Card Trutzschler DK740
Roller CoveringNep (pcs/gram)Foreign Material (pcs/gram)Short Fibre Content
Pinned 45 17 20.04 %
Saw Tooth Wire 54 25 22.12 %
Customer Bilkont
Country Turkey
Material Cotton/Polyester Blend
Card Trutzschler DK760
Roller CoveringNep (pcs/gram)U%ThinThickH
Pinned 34 10.04 1 34 3.51
Saw Tooth Wire 70 10.7 3 70 3.56
Customer Vichien Textile Industry Co Ltd
Country Thailand
Material 100% Cotton
Card Rieter C4
Roller CoveringNep (pcs/gram)Fibre Lengh (mm)Short FibreSeed Coat Nep (pcs/gram)
Pinned 48 25.6 17.9 0
Saw Tooth Wire 64 24.9 19.7 1
Customer Winning Textiles
Country Thailand
Material Polyester/Rayon Blend
Counts 30’s
Card Crosrol MK5
RPM 600
Roller CoveringNep (pcs/gram)CV (%)ThinThick
Pinned 18 12.23 0 15
Saw Tooth Wire 25 12.17 4 12
Customer Nazar Tekstil
Country Turkey
Material 100% Cotton
Counts 30’s
Card Rieter C50
RPM 1305
Roller CoveringNep (pcs/gram)CV (%)ThinThick
Pinned 58.1 17.53 32.0 71.9
Saw Tooth Wire 76.1 17.68 36.3 85.6
Customer Amasya Tekstil
Country Turkey
Material 100% Cotton
Counts 20’s
Card Rieter C4A
RPM 900
Roller CoveringNep (pcs/gram)CV (%)ThinThick
Pinned 137 15.25 54 104
Saw Tooth Wire 176 15.87 82 128
Customer Matesa Tekstil
Country Turkey
Material 100% Cotton
Counts 30’s
Card Matesa Tekstil
RPM 1000
Roller CoveringNep (pcs/gram)U (%)ThinThick
Pinned 48 12.08 33 108
Saw Tooth Wire 68 12.28 29 141
Customer S.T.I.A.
Country Egypt
Material 100% Cotton
Counts 50’s
Card Egypt
RPM 1020
Roller CoveringWaste Under Taker-InFibre Content in TrashCleaning at Silver
Pinned 48 12.08 33
Saw Tooth Wire 68 12.28 29
Customer Topkapi Iplik
Country Turkey
Material 100% Cotton
Counts 20’s
Card Rieter C4
RPM 1040
Roller CoveringNep (pcs/gram)CV (%)ThinThickCN/Tex
Pinned 147 13.5 3 110 15.65
Saw Tooth Wire 164 14 3 117 14.33
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